What is the 93 Octane Challenge?  It’s a way of communicating to students the beliefs and values that should be fundamental to every Christian’s life.  Our students are challenged to make:


     1.  Scripture I commit to spend time daily reading, studying, memorizing, and applying God’s Word to my life.   

     2. Prayer - I commit to spend quality time every day communicating with God through prayer.

     3. Involvement - I commit to be actively involved in my local church by being faithful in attendance and quick to serve. 

     4. Submission - I commit to submit myself to God, as well as to my parents, teachers, and the other authorities He has put in my life.

     5. Purity - I commit to to live a lifestyle of purity by abstaining from drugs and alcohol, pre-marital sex, and other actions that would dishonor God.

     6. Integrity - I commit to live a sincere and blameless life of integrity before God and all men.

     7. Serving - I commit to consider others as better than myself and to live a life of serving others, even as Christ served us.

     8. Proclaiming - I commit to faithfully proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ to others through my actions, attitudes, and verbal witness.

     9. Investing - I commit to generously give of my time, talents, and finances to those in need and to the furtherance of the Gospel.


 based on


     1. Jesus Christ is Lord.

     2. The Bible is entirely true & authoritative.

     3. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.


all with