Bible Drill

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Join Us Every Thursday

Immediately After School Until 5:00 PM

Fun, Engaging Study Of The Bible Through Memorization For 3rd-6th Graders

Bible Drill



What We Do

Over the Course of the School Year Students learn:  

1. How to find all 66 books of the Bible!

2. How To Find 10 important (Key) Scripture Passages!

3. How to Memorize 25 Bible Verses!

We use the ESV Translation  


Important Dates For Spring 2014  

- March 13th @ 5:15 p.m.: 

FBCE Bible Drill Competition (C201)


- March 27th @ 5:30 in the C201:

Dodge County Association Bible Drill


- April 8th @ 1:00-5:00:

State Bible Drill in Macon (FBCE Fellowship Hall)


 Bible Drill Resources

 Power Point Study Plan

Created By: Laura Rich


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