Generation Preschool

Newborns - K

nursery-photo-ready-1.jpgGeneration Preschool is FBCE's environment designed specifically for your infants and preschoolers. We know that your child’s early years are marked by amazing growth, discovery, and exploration. And we are ready for them! Every colorfully decorated class is designed to expose your nursery-texts.jpgchildren to the love of Christ through bouncy music, cool crafts, and fun Bible lessons!And if your preschooler needs you, we will quickly contact you via a text. We look forward to walking with you as you teach your children about the one true God!

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At Generation Preschool, we hope your children learn:

  1. The people of God (the church) love me
  2. God made me
  3. God loves me
  4. God Saves 







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