Prayer 34:15 Ministry

PRAY 34:15

is a new prayer ministry for Eastman FBC.  It involves three or four people praying together for at least 15 minutes once a week. This ministry is designed to help us pray in small groups at times convenient for you, for the purpose of calling upon God to move with power in our lives, homes, church and the world.  The best way to keep God first in our lives is by spending time with Him in prayer and the Word.  

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Below are some of the details about PRAY 34:15:


PRAY 34:15

involves three or four members praying together.  Personal prayer time is a daily delight for every believer. But we also need to pray together as the people of God.  Meeting once a week to pray together will be a blessing to those who participate.  Three or four people is large enough to be a group but small enough to be an intimate group.  Prayer 34:15 involves at least three, but not more than four, people in the prayer group.

PRAY 34:15

is designed for weekly prayer meetings with the group for at least fifteen minutes.  Most groups will probably meet longer than fifteen minutes.  But a commitment to praying together will be encouraging and effective.  Also, knowing that you will be praying together with Christian friends will help you to pray more effectively in your personal life.   

PRAY 34:15

will help us to prioritize our prayers for the things that matter most.  Jesus said, “Seek first the kingdom of God….”  Prayer 34:15 is designed to help us pray for God’s kingdom, God’s glory, God’s church and the advancement of His gospel.   The purpose of this prayer ministry is to pray for revival, renewal in the church and the evangelization of the world.  It will be an ideal time to pray for lost people in our community.  

PRAY 34:15

is a ministry that will please God, encourage the church, and influence the world for Jesus Christ.  God answers prayer.  To be effective we will need some accountability, coordination and principles to remember as listed below.

PRAY 34:15 Principles       

  • This ministry is primarily for church members.  However, non-members who attend church regularly at FBC may participate also. 
  • In Pray 34:15 we will have men praying with men, and women praying with women.  This applies to youth and children also.  Praying together in a small group builds spiritual intimacy among participants.  Therefore, it is best for men to pray with men and women with women.
  • Again, each group must have at least three people, but no more than four.  
  • Participants may meet where and when they wish.  
  • As we experience praying together as God’s people, we will likely learn ways to enhance and improve the ministry of PRAY 34:15.  God will bless us as we pray together and call upon His name with faith in Jesus Christ!

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